School council

The school council works to make improvements to the school and the way things are done at BIGS. They look for things that could be better in the school and discuss how to change them. School councillors are elected every year by the pupils. Two councillors are voted in from each class.
Main Councillor Vice Councillor
Year 7 Aliya A Ayisha A
Year 8 Sumayya H Seema H
Year 9 Anaya N Khadija B
Year 10 Adiba R Mannal M
Year 11 Sara W (Head Girl) Navaira M (Vice President)

The minutes

The minutes are the notes that are taken at the meetings; they explain what was said and what will happen next. The names of the class representatives that attended the meeting are also mentioned.

What school council representatives must do

Councillors are expected to:

The perfect school council representative

The kind of person a councillor should be is someone who: