After school clubs

After Hours Classes

Visits are important to support and enhance work across the whole curriculum and are organised during the academic year. A number of educational trips are usually organised during the summer term.

Interclass competitions of Qiraat, Nasheed, English Debate, and Quizzes are also organised during the term times. Drama activities are held under the supervision of Urdu and English department staff.

After school tuition is also available in English, Mathematics and Science for pupils who need extra support. To improve pupils GCSE pass rates, after school hours learning is provided for year 10 and 11 students in the core subjects.

The school’s intention is to provide an all-girls Youth Club after normal school hours for development of various sporting activities. The school also publishes a newsletter on a regular basis, which highlights the progress, improvements and aims of the school throughout the year.

Clubs / Booster classes

School Council Selected students Lunch time The student representative body voice fellow students’ concerns and views. They put forward ideas to improve school life and organise varied events.
Library Open to all Lunch time Students can borrow books for up to 4 weeks. As well as reading, they can use the computer to do research or finish any outstanding homework they may have.
Mentoring Session Open to all Lunch time  Students can receive advice or help for any problems they may have.
Mehndi club Open to all Lunch time Students learn to make their own cones, mix paste & apply mehndi.
Sports Open to all Lunch time Students can engage in a variety of sports activities to enhance their skills and improve physical health.
ICT club Open to all Lunch time Students can come to do research or type work up and print it.
Careers Clinic Yr 11 Lunch time Students get help with their personal statements, application forms etc. Students can also complete their portfolio which they start in year 10.
Science Booster Yr 10 – 11 After school Extra help and support, to build confidence and knowledge in Science in preparation for G.C.S.E
English Booster

Yr 7 & 9
Yr 9-11

Lunch TimeAfter School Extra help with the selective low ability students in each year group. Giving them the extra support in certain areas in English they need.
Maths Booster Yr 11 Lunch Time /After school Extra support and help with Maths, building up towards G.C.S.E.
Maths Additional Support Yr 7 – 9 Lunch Time Extra help in Maths with the selective low ability students in each year group.